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(Manga Torakuto: Inmanueru)

Masumi Noda, manga.
Manga Christmas tract booklet for youth. The story of light and darkness of a holy night. A boy, Yokutan, is son of despised shepherds from Bethlehem who steals to escape poverty and experiences injustice. He is exasperated by adults who talk about the coming messiah who will set things right. A girl's parents died and she, Yaeru, became a prostitute who longs for love, forgiveness and cleansing. A mysterious old man (Simeon?) appears to them and then disappears again 2 times. He answers their thoughts by telling them the messiah will teach justice and love. The messiah will give his life as atonement and invite sinners to come to him for forgiveness and eternal life. The cross appears in this scene. The boy passes by Mary and Joseph as they arrive in town. That night his little brother wakes him up with the news that angels appeared to the shepherds telling them the messiah has been born here in Bethlehem. With joy they all go and see Immanuel, God who came to them in their need. Quotes Isaiah 1:18; 7:14; Matt. 20:26-28; Mark 2:17. A6 size, 24 pp.
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