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The First Christmas
The First Christmas
(Hajimete no Kurisumasu)

EHC; Hanna Miyashita, illus.
Full-color children’s Christmas tract with furigana on all kanji. Tells the Bible story of the angel speaking to Mary and Joseph, their journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus, God’s Son who will save people from their sins. We all have bad hearts that make righteous God sad. We lie, slander and are mean. That is sin and sinners cannot go to heaven. But Jesus hung on a cross and took the punishment for our sin. If we trust him as savior all sin is forgiven, we become God’s children and can go to heaven. Savior Jesus is the present of love from God who values us from his heart. So we give thanks that Jesus was born and celebrate Christmas. Spot-the-difference picture puzzle on back. Size: 10.5cm X 12.5cm. Sold in packs of 50. \1,050
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