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Welcome Tracts
(Uerucomu Torakuto)

Naomi Yoshikawa, Hatsuho Yajima
Happy Birthday message tracts for each month to give to visitors to church to create opportunity for conversation and beginning a relationship with church people in the hopes they come back. Each month is special in some way and so is the reader. You ask them "What month is your birthday?" and give them a tract for that month. It contains 1) a thank you for being born and a poetic essay that stresses their value with a seasonal theme of the month (e.g. June is rainy season, December is Christmas, etc.), 2) a related Bible verse, 3) a small article on some seasonal food, 4) a brief article on a seasonal aroma for the month. Space on the back page to stamp the church address. Package of 10 tracts each for 12 months of the year for a total of 120 tracts.
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